Strategies to Build Understanding of Algebra in the Middle School and High School
Presentation as PDF Power Point
Introductions and Getting Started
Primacy Recency or Serial Positioning
Algebra on the Number Line or Number Strip
Response Sheets
Lotus Chart
Wager Game with Problems Without Numbers
Choral Response
Pan Balance to Solve Equations
  • “Equal Shmequal” by Virginia Kroll What does it mean to be equal? Mouse and her friends want to play tug-of-war but they can't figure out how to make teams that are equal. Nothing works until Mouse starts thinking mathematically. Wonderful illustrations capture Mouse and her animal friends from whiskers to tails.
  • NCTM Teaching Children Mathematics, “Technology to Develop Algebraic Reasoning” April 2011 pages 475-478
  • “Using Technology to Balance Algebraic Equations” Teaching Children Mathematics, May 2013 pages 554-562
4 Match activity and I have … Who has ???
Whole—Part—Whole, Game—Practice—Game, Big Picture—Details—Big Picture
Interaction Sequence
  • See slide on back page
Flash Card Plus, I have … Who has ???, Line up or Circle up, and Scavenger hunt
How to Create Slides
Phil Daro-Against “Answer-getting”
Up and Moving Vocabulary—Find a Match, Inside/Outside Circle, and Fold Line
Dan Meyer
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Creating Life Size Coordinate Axis
Number Tricks
Spare Time Exploration