Estimation 180 an estimation activity for each day of the year. Help student develop number sense and problem solving skills.
Number Sense on the Number Line.doc shows how to place numbers on a number line to develop a awareness of the relative size of numbers. Also includes semantic feature analysis which facilitates comparing and contrasting. A sample is provided for number sets and types of equations.
"Algebra on the Number Line" Mathematics Teacher December 2010 pages 379-382 has an article on using a number line for algebraic values. Several pages of worksheets are provided. Algebra on number line worksheets.pdf This activity is posted on the Texas Instruments web site and allows the TI-73 calculator to put numbers on a number line application and using the support command. This Texas Instruments activity looks at adding and subtracting integers. Russ Wissing of Seward has several short video clips of his students forming graphs such as normal distribution and outlier as students move on the gym floor to create the shape.

coordinate axis activities.doc Make your classroom, gym, or outdoor area into a coordinate grid and have students locate points, walk a specific slope, form point of an equation

Moving Bones worksheet.doc Students walk slow, walk fast, run, walk backwards as they record the time at each position. Points are graphs, slopes and velocity are determined to help students discover the relationship between slope and velocity.

Polar Coordinates This video and blog post promotes have students actually move around to plot polar points.

Number Sense Apps and sites

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